Eastern Yosemite National Park

Amazing lake!

Eastern Yosemite National Park

Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes is a nice town which is about 20-30 minutes away from Mono Lake. The town has lots of activities and stores to offer. One can have full mobile coverage here. We rented a 2 bedroom apartment in a hotel here to travel back and forth to Mono Lake.

Eastern Yosemite National Park

Mono Basin Scenic Area

It is always good to stop by the visitor center to learn more about the area. Here, you can learn about why the lake is called Mono and how tufa was created. They have really nice museum and scenic view all over the lake. I’d recommend to stop for some restroom here as they don’t have many gas stations around the area. Pick up some maps and ask the local guides here for information before traveling as you won’t have much cell coverage here.

Eastern Yosemite National Park

Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve

This is the east side of Mono Lake. The lake was pretty smelly on this side and it didn’t look nice when we arrived here. To my surprise, there were lots of seagulls here on the lake. As the rain was coming, we decided to drive away this area to avoid being caught in the rain.

mono lake

Eastern Yosemite National Park


We drove to the Ghost town but we realized that our rental car could not be driven off road. The way to the ghost town is pretty far away from Mono Lake (about 30-45 minutes) and most of the road was paved. However, the last few miles will be unpaved and very narrow so be aware of this. We decided to drive back to the hotel and stopped at this vista point to see the rain was pouring down the spot we was standing before.

Eastern Yosemite National Park

Mono Lake

We arrived at Mono Lake at noon. We scouted the lake for some information around the area before deciding which stops to go. After scouting the area, we decided to watch the sunset here and tried to take some pictures of the milky way. More information in the post below


Eastern Yosemite National Park

Tioga Pass

We drove to Tioga Pass at noon the next day. This is about 20 minutes from Mono Lake and it goes up the mountain to the east side of Yosemite. When we went up, there was a long line of cars in front of us to pay the entrance pass to Yosemite ($30). This is a very scenic route and you can easily see some lakes and mountains on the way.

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