Las Vegas for Nerds: Food and Musical shows

January 1, 2018

My co-workers got surprised when I told them that we would go to Las Vegas for the holiday as we are super nerdy. Of course, we never gamble or party heavily as in Hollywood movies, so why would we go to the sin city?

Well, the reason we often go to Las Vegas is because of the buffets! I know it’s weird but we actually fall in love with the seafood here. What? Seafood in the desert that is 4 hours away from the sea? I must be crazy!

Actually, the seafood here is really fresh and delicious, and sometimes better than the best seafood restaurants in Orange County (I’m looking at you Watergrill at South Coast Plaza where we wasted nearly $300!).


A month before Christmas, I booked 2 day stay at LINQ hotel with 2 Buffet of Buffets passes which would allow us to eat at 5 different buffets Harrahs, Flamingo, Paris, Planet Hollywood and Rio. A normal pass would be $50/person so our cost of 2 nights and 2 buffets of $200 were pretty good deal!

Even with Groupon, LINQ Hotel would be $70/night including resort fees without any Buffet of Buffets pass, so the overall cost for us was reasonable.

LINQ Hotel

The way to LINQ

The way to LINQ

We drove to the parking garage behind the high-roller and noticed that the parking fee for a day was $10. Such a rip-off! They didn’t even mention about the fee when I booked the hotel.

After parking on the 2nd level, we walked to the Casino and tried to check in at the kiosks. One was dead, one was full of people and the last one working had no one working so we went there. Well, there was a reason no one used it: The machine kept spitting out our driver license without any error messages. After struggling with it for a while, we decided to wait for the only working kiosk and finally checked in 😐

Our stay at LINQ Hotel was OK. The good thing about LINQ is that it is located right in the middle of the strip, so we can just cross the street to Caesar Palace or Paris to walk around or enjoy the buffets.

Amenities: LINQ has really nice and modern decor with sliding bathroom door which I noticed has been a trend in lots of hotels lately. They have a big casino and some restaurants that open 24 hours for guests who would want to eat late like us.

The buffet

After check-in at the hotel at the kiosk, we couldn’t find a way to get the passes. The hotel texted me through my mobile phone and told me to ask them anything so I asked the “helpful” person how to get the passes for 2. She told me to go to the registration to register the other guest for some security reason that I couldn’t fathom.

We went down to the front desk and waited 20 minutes at 3PM when we were super hungry after driving from Orange County. After registering Duy, we decided to give our favorite Bacchanal Buffet a try and we would gladly waste some $$$ on it. Even though it was a work day, the line to Bacchanal Buffet was crazy long and we would have to put our name down and wait 2 hours!

Hangry, we walked to Paris across the street since I was told by Google that the line would be short. We went there and the line was also super long but it seemed to be processed quickly. The family in front of us had 3 adults and 6 kids but it took them 20 minutes to pay because the cashier couldn’t count and kept counting again!

When it was our turn, we told them that we needed to get the passes for the first time. The cashier put my last name in but found 3 people with different last name and she kept telling me that we were not valid and put us aside to serve someone else. My head was spinning as I couldn’t think any longer with my empty stomach. Finally, a heavy manager came out and put our room number in and voila, we had the pass!

It was 4PM as we were allowed to the buffet at Paris Hotel and we saw lots of empty table! WTF! They kept the bottle neck with 1 cashier to make it look like they were full of customers while it was empty inside!

The food was mediocre at best. There were some “French style” clams and some crepes, but nothing interesting. I think some French would find it insulting to call it French cuisine. Anyway, my stomach felt better after I had something.

We went back to our hotel to rest. At 6PM, Bacchanal finally called us but we were too full to go there and the Musical show would be in an hour. Therefore, we gave up our chance to enjoy another Buffet 🙁

The next day, we spent an entire day in Page, Arizona, so basically, we wasted the whole pass to only 1 buffet that costs $30/person (which should be $10 instead) :((

Menopause the Musical

Menopause the Musical

Menopause the Musical

I thought we should watch some shows while we were in Las Vegas but since we were not interested in any strip clubs or sex shows, I only found Menopause the Musical interesting. I bought 2 tickets on Groupon and called them to reserve a table 2 weeks in advanced.

At 7PM, we walked to Harrah’s which was only 3 minutes away to watch the show. We were seated at a table for 4 about 20 feet away from the stage, and we ordered some Mojito to look like other old people around us. Yeah, we were the only few mid 20 people among much older folks here!

As I was in mid-twenty, some references I didn’t understand but apparently, lots of older women found them relating and laughed really hard. However, I found some parts really funny and I really enjoyed the show as they sang really well!

Because I didn’t drink much, the Mojito made me a bit dizzy so Duy drank both drinks. We went back to the hotel without stopping at the Bellagio water show as we intended 🙁


  • At check-out, we noticed that the hotel charged us an additional $130 for the buffet! I was really upset and went to the front-desk to ask why. They finally admitted that it was invalid charge and removed the charge from the final bill. Always check your receipt!
  • Don’t go through the Casino area if you don’t smoke. All the Casinos here are full of unhealthy smokers!
  • Order food at some restaurants instead of buying the buffets. They have gone down hill and overcharge customers without any good service, even Bacchanal Buffet that treated us like they are the best in the world!

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