Group Camping at Sheep Pass Campground

September 10, 2017

Sunset at Sheep Pass Campground
Panorama at Sheep Pass Campground

Panorama at Sheep Pass Campground

This is one of the three campgrounds inside Joshua Tree national park and there are towering rock formations and uniquely-shaped Joshua trees surround the facility.

Joshua trees are a member of the yucca family that have long evergreen leaves, shaggy bark and bunches of white flowers that bloom in spring. The rocks were formed by volcanic activity millions of years ago and have been exposed and shaped by wind and water over time. They brighten with soft pastel hues in the morning and evening sunlight and glow with campfire light at night.

We reserved this campground a month in advance online even though it is in the Summer. Most of people in our group went shopping at the Desert Hills Outlet that is 30 minutes away from Joshua Tree before heading here for the sunset.

Joshua Tree Sheep Pass Campground

Joshua Tree Sheep Pass Campground

Most of the sites are centrally located around a loop except our site #6 which was easily missed as it is right at the entrance but the sign was not easily spot so we drove around the loop multiple times to look for it!

Because we had a large group (about 5-6 families with lots of kids), this site was large enough for multiple families. We quickly put up the tents before the sun went down.

There were a clean vault toilet dedicated to each site so it was very convenient for our group but after the night, you wouldn’t want to be close to it as it smelled disgusting!

We saw most of other sites were full too and some people had some loud music but since the sites were pretty far away from each other, one could hardly hear the music. We set up some dance music for the kids too and it didn’t bother our neighbors at all.

Since this campground is pretty high in elevation, it was windy but cooler than other places that we went to for photography that night. The wind was crazy during the night and we couldn’t set up a fire for ramen but after putting them closer to the rocks, it was much easier!

Joshua Tree during sunset

Joshua Tree during sunset in Sheep Pass Campground


  • There is no running water here at all. Bring as plenty of water as you can
  • Lots of beautiful rock formations around this campground so you can camp here and travel to those places pretty quickly
  • It’s windy here so be careful
  • Wild animals are around. Don’t feed them.

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