Ristorante Di Pompello: Awesome Italian seafood restaurant in Oregon!

August 27, 2017

Seafood pasta with lots of salmon and meatballs with $20 for 2 people

After setting up the tent at Ainsworth State Park campground, we were pretty hungry and we didn’t know where we should go for dinner. At first, we thought of going to a closest grocery store in Troutdale for some BBQ but we became lazy. I looked up Google Maps and found an Italian restaurant with 4.4 stars Ristorante Di Pompello so we decided to try it and we didn’t regret it at all!

First, this restaurant located in a nice little downtown. We parked on the street and walked to the restaurant. Even though Google Maps reviews said that it would be pretty pricey ($$) and “fancy”, we were surprised when we saw the price: 3 course menu for 2 people for $25! And don’t forget that Oregon is TAX FREE!!! 😮

I know what you are thinking: California is always overpriced and tax is crazy high! I totally agree with that. One will realize how much we have to spend in California, especially in Northern California which is nearly 2 times higher than Southern California!

When looked around and there were not that many people. Most people here were elders and they were pretty quiet. It would be a fantastic place for a date as the atmosphere was warm, the ambient was nice and service was super quick!

Nice fresco inside the restaurant

Nice fresco inside the restaurant

Anyway, we ordered 2 appetizers of Sautee Fresh Mussels, 2 Seafood Risottos and we were so full for any dessert! After living in the US for nearly 8 years, I had never had seafood that fresh, even though I did spend lots of money on seafood (I’m talking to you, Water Grill, an overpriced and over-hyped restaurant!).

Satee Fresh Mussels

Satee Fresh Mussels

I realized the reason why the seafood here is so fresh is that they are very close to lots of fish hatcheries! The pasta we had was full of halibuts, mussels, mushrooms and meatballs that I swear you will have to pay about $50 for the same dish in California!

Other people in our group also ordered various dishes and all of them were so fantastic that we thought of buying a house and living in Troutdale so we can go here more often 🙂 If you have a chance to be close to Portland, try this place! I’d wholeheartedly recommend this restaurant to anyone that is into Italian dishes!

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