Camping at Ainsworth State Park

August 27, 2017

I had been planning to visit some waterfalls in Oregon for a long time but I didn’t have time to make some road trips to Oregon due to our busy schedule. I heard that it would be best to visit the waterfalls in the Summer so it would be easier to hike and see water flows.

As we are living in Southern California, it would take a long time to travel to Oregon so I booked this campground more than a month in advance when I knew I would have to go to the Bay Area for some summit, and I could book the last campsite at this campground. After making sure that it was the closest to many famous waterfalls, I was happy to book it but I wasn’t sure that I could park another car for my friend as there was no other information about it ๐Ÿ˜


Ainsworth Campground Map with many waterfalls nearby

We arrived at this campground at around 3PM after driving 3 hours from Medford, Oregon and visitingย Multnomah Falls which is about 5 minutes from this campground. This one is right next to the highway and there are lots of parking spaces across the street from the Multnomah Falls which could be easily seen from the highway. Be careful not to leave any stuffs inside the car as there have been some break-ins there since this is always busy with tourists. Other than being one of the highest falls, this is not very impressive. Moreover, there are so many tourists that it is nearly impossible to take a good picture of it. Some ignorant photographers also took hours right on the bridge or close to the waterfalls in front of everyone’s camera so I gave up the idea of spending more time there ๐Ÿ™

Multnomah falls, Oregon

We came back to the campground at about 4PM to build our tents. Luckily, we could easily find another spot for our car as there were about 8-10 unpaved parking lot on the site. However, we had to bring confirmation form which I lost in our stolen bag in San Francisco so I took a paper and wrote down the confirmation number and put it on our car instead. One can pay the additional vehicle fee by filling a form and dropping into the self-serve box.

The Path to our campsite

The Path to our campsite

The campground is in a redwood area so it is pretty shaded and cool under the woods. We could set up 2 tents easily. One thing we didn’t like camping in Oregon was the mosquito! They were huge and super aggressive! Anyway, after impression of camping in Diamond Lake, I kind of forgot how crazy the mosquito at this campground was ๐Ÿ˜ One was brave enough to land right on my nose when I was walking to the restroom and I swear I had never had a mosquito in Vietnam which was that brave to attack me while I was moving!

A paved road to the restroom in Ainsworth campground

A paved road to the restroom in Ainsworth campground

At around 5PM, a ranger walked around the campground to check in our registration and she was super nice! We could confirm with her that our registration was valid and the additional car was Ok even though I lost the paper.

A good thing about this campground is that it is very close to many cities and it even has cell service. We left the campground to have dinner at Ristorante Di Pompello in Troutdale which is only 20 minutes away from the campground. In addition, it is next Columbia River which doesn’t have many places to stop by to fly a drone, so we could easily fly a drone from this park over the river and the scene is breadth-taking!

columbia river

Columbia River from Ainsworth State Park

The next day, we drove to the nearest Horsetail waterfall which is right at the historic Ainsworth road. There is a start of a trail that leads to an easy hike to Upper and Lower Horsetail waterfalls but since we had to hike to Oneonta Gorge that is 1 minute away from this place, we skipped the trail and only spent a couple of minutes taking a group picture here.

A stairway to the falls

Overall, we were pretty happy with this campground as it has all amenities and is close to many waterfalls and a scenic river! I’d definitely recommend this campground if you have a chance to visit Oregon ๐Ÿ™‚


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