Camping at Diamond Lake

Biggest Mosquito ever!

After hiking 3 hours in Proxy Falls, we drove to Diamond Lake with the intent of stopping by Crater Lake to visit the famous lake on top of a volcano. However, as I predicted that we would arrive at about 6pm (driving 3 hours from Proxy Falls), we skipped Crater Lake to put up the tents before sunset.


Diamond Lake campsite

As I predicted, we arrived at exactly 6PM and paid $10 for an additional car. The campsite is large enough for 1 SUV and 1 sedan, and 2 4-people tents. Since our campsite is next to the lake, there were lots of mosquito which were humongous and so populous that I had never seen before even though I came from Vietnam where thousands of people are killed by mosquito every year! The damn bugs would attack us at any exposed skin we had, even on my nose while I was walking! I swear I could squash hundreds of them in 5 minutes and my hands were hurt terribly because of those crazy bugs!

Lesson learned: buy lots of bug spray from Costco before going here! The closest store to the campground ran out of bug spray and we had to drive a bit further to buy the bug spray 🙁

Besides the bugs, there were not much I’d complain about. There are flush restrooms and free clean shower rooms close to us. There are even a dock and a room for cleaning fish that is close to the restroom area.

Taken with a super bad filter!

The sunset was nice but there were no clouds so I couldn’t get any nice sunset pictures even though we had a nice view of the snow capped volcano right in front of us! The problem we had in the Summer was that the sun wouldn’t come down until 10PM in Oregon so we had to wait for a long time for the milky way to rise and we couldn’t wait much so we decided to go to sleep and wake up at 2AM to take picture of the milky way…

Stars above the lake

As the alarm woke us up, we quickly came out of the tent and woke another friend up. It was freezing at 2AM even though it was nearly 100F at 10PM! Luckily, the crazy bugs went to sleep too so we didn’t have to worry about them. I could take some pictures of the milky way but I couldn’t get a nice bridge over the lake since our camp was looking to the West so only part of it was visible 🙁

Milky way above Diamond Lake


  • Bring lots of bug spray
  • Don’t forget long sleeve tops and pants to avoid crazy bugs
  • Drones are Ok here
  • The campground is on the South East of the Lake so you will only see half of the Milky Way
  • Be careful of snakes

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