Proxy Falls

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Oregon!


30-90 minutes

  • Easy hike
  • Some shades
  • Some climbing


$ 5

  • Along the road
  • Self-service



  • Pit toilets
  • Closest gas station is about 25 miles away
  • No rangers

We drove to the magnificent waterfalls after seeing many beautiful photos on Pinterest. The drive from Hillsboro was about 2-3 hours through the forest. When we arrived, we were surprised that we had to hike through the rugged and rough trail to the lower waterfall 🙁

As we were not prepared enough, some members of our group hike with their sandals and tripped on some branches and injured themselves. Lesson learned: wear some hiking shoes.

The trail is partially shaded since part of the trail will be through lava flows where it takes a long time for trees to grow. The later half of the trail is through a dense forest with moss covered rocks. Be careful of fallen trees along the way. You may have to climb over or crawl under some fallen trees to reach the lower waterfalls.

Even though it was rough, the hike was worth it! One can see a stream cascading into “two separate shimmering veils dropping about 200 feet.  Instead of feeding a stream, the water pooled at the foot of the falls seems to disappear, but it’s actually sinking through the porous lava into the ground.” (source:

I tried to take pictures of the stream but since we lost all of our camera equipment in San Francisco, and I bought only a new camera and a cheap filter, I couldn’t go near the stream splashing water like rains on my camera 🙁

In addition, the stream was pretty intense so I didn’t want to risk being carried away with my camera and the tripod, so I stood pretty close to the edge. We decided to fly a drone here to capture some footage but it was a risky decision since there are lots of trees around. If we were not careful, the drone could hit a branch and fall into the water, and we didn’t want to lose another equipment after our gears got stolen.


  • The restroom is horrible! You should use the restroom at the Rest Area before going here
  • Go here in the Summer or Fall when the ice melts to see the stream flowing.
  • Bring water since the hike is pretty strenuous. We were there when the heat wave hit Oregon so it was about 100F!
  • Wear comfortable clothes and hiking shoes
  • For photography, bring some cover and filters for your camera. The spray is pretty strong here!
  • Fill gas before driving to here. There will be no gas station within 20 miles of this trail. We barely made it to the nearest gas station and we were worried all the way!



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