KPH Radio Station

Beautiful cypress tree tunnel!

Duration: 1-2 hours

We came to KPH Radio Station after visiting the historic Point Reyes Lighthouse since we saw the beautiful cypress line on the way to the Lighthouse. This historic radio station is about 20 minute drive from the lighthouse.

As we arrived, there were a few groups of people taking pictures in the middle of the “tree tunnel.” This location is getting more and more popular as social media is picking up gorgeous pictures from this place!

Due to the last day of the year, the radio station was closed and we could not find a way to visit the last Morse code station in the US. Lots of equipment dated back to World War II era still remain intact and functional in this building so I was a bit disappointed by not being able to visiting the site!

However, I was still very happy to see the first tree tunnel in my life here! Now I have one more item in my wishlist checked!

I set up the camera with the Tamron 15-35mm on the tripod about 20 inches from the ground and put it right in the middle of the road. At 3pm in the winter, the sun was going down shining through the tree line. I really liked the moment but unfortunately, other photographers too! I took a few different pictures with various exposures just in case I had some bad and blurry pictures.

Taken with Tamron 15-35mm on Canon 6D

At 4pm after most people left and it started to get foggy

Duy suggested to use an ND filter to remove moving people from the pictures so I replaced my Tamron 15-35mm with the Canon 24-70mm with an ND filter. I took a few 15-20 second exposures but I didn’t get any good pictures this time as all of them were blurry 🙁

After 4pm, most photographers left the area so I could take a few more pictures without people under the tunnel. However, sometimes I had to move out of the way as cars coming toward me.

As we planned to take some sunset pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge, we left at 4pm to arrive at SF at around 5pm.


Windy road through farm lands. You can see some cows on the top right!

Don’t stay too late overnight here if you plan to go back to SF. There are no hotels in the area as this place is surrounded by farms and the national park. The way out can be really dark and sometimes flooded. In addition, the road is not well-maintained and pretty windy! You may not want to hit some deer jumping out in the dark here.




Alex is a Software Engineer at Google, an educator and an amateur photographer living in the beautiful Orange County

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